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Rapid Prototyping – Plastic Part Engineering

CAD Modeling for Rapid Prototyping of Plastic Parts

Next, CNC milling and CNC turning machines take the information from the electronic files and quickly fabricate the model. The constructed prototype is removed from the machine and detached from its supports. Some prototypes require minor cleaning or surface treatment.

Rapid prototyping puts the design in your hands to ensure the production of exactly what you need. Aline Components will also sand, seal, or paint the model to improve appearance or durability.

A-team Designers for Exceptional Plastic Part Design

Trust Aline Components for unique and efficient plastic part design. Aline uses CAD modeling for rapid prototyping which shortens the pre-production process. Customers receive products that are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. Aline Components works directly with resin suppliers to ensure our manufacturing process uses only the best materials for superior products. Aline Components – the A-team for plastic part design.