Polyester (PET) at Aline Components

PET plastic is the most common thermoplastic in use today, and is found in a myriad of industries and products. Its properties make it ideal for thermoforming. In its fibrous form, it is known as polyester plastic and it is used widely through the textile industry. When referring to molding processes, the acronym PET is the preferred term. PET stands for the chemical name polyethylene terephthalate, and further still, the brand name is Dacron. So, it goes by many different names, and is put to even more uses. Aline Components is very experienced with this material for plastic manufacturing and its best application for plastic parts.

Benefits of Polyester (PET)

As a raw material, PET plastic is a transparent and semi-crystalline resin. Different processing methods can vary its final hardness. Additional reinforcements can also enhance other properties of PET plastic, making it more resistant to discoloration and degradation, solvents and acids, and temperature. Other reinforcements allow the typically transparent PET plastic to be colored, adding to the high-gloss finish. Rynite is a hard and durable form of PET plastic reinforced with glass fibers.

PET plastic is desirable for its ease of use in the plastic injection molding process, and its high mechanical strength and impact resistance, combined with its lightweight insulating characteristics, make it an ideal choice for many purposes. PET plastic is also desirable for production because it maintains its properties, dimensional integrity, and stiffness. Best of all, the chemical structure of polyethylene terephthalate allows it to be recycled for sustainable, environmentally friendly production.

 Polyester (PET) and Aline Components

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