Bioplastics/Biopolymers Thermoplastic Materials for Aline Components Plastic Injection Molding and Manufacturing

Plastic injection molding technology has developed a wide variety of molding techniques with a host of enhanced mechanical properties, and parallel innovations in the material science of new types of plastic also serve to advance the plastic manufacturing industry and its customers. The advent of bioplastics and biopolymers in the custom plastic injection molding process has had a significant impact, especially in applications where issues of sterility, food safety, and other industries where disposability is a desirable feature. PLA material, also known as polylactic thermoplastic or starch plastic, is a biodegradable starch based plastic designed for the production of moldable bioplastics.

By combining many of the capabilities of state-of-the-art custom injection molding with the array of available modern thermoplastics such as PLA material, Aline Components gives designers and industries new opportunities for innovation. As more and more plastic products are being produced, the environmental impact needs to be addressed, and the development of biodegradable plastics has emerged as a highly useful option. Bioplastics are an excellent option to move towards more renewable and ecologically friendly forms of plastic production.

Starch-based bioplastics like PLA represent about 50% of all bioplastics manufactured. Other bioplastics include polyhydroxy alkanoates (PHB), polyhrdroxy fatty acids (PHF), and cellulose blend (CA), among others, all suitable for use in thermoplastic injection molding. The properties of PLA material make it ideal for plastic injection molding, with its low melt point, high flow rate and transparent finish. PLA plastic is not intended for heavy duty structural applications or in applications where dimensional stability is required, but performs well in thin-wall injection molding applications and for manufacturing small one-time use plastic parts for high volume production runs. Bioplastics (including PLA with the right processes) can be used for more durable goods as well.

Aline Components is a leading supplier of high quality plastic parts, with a detailed knowledge of plastics and their correct application. Aline’s ISO-compliant facility is conveniently located outside Philadelphia, and we are pleased to serve clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and beyond. Whether you need to develop a custom plastic part from scratch, need to bring a product to market in a short time frame and need to develop hot runner molds for fast production, want to produce new bioplastic parts or products, or have any other type of plastic manufacturing challenge, Aline Components has the custom thermoplastic injection molding capabilities to make it happen. Contact us today.