Hot Stamping Services by Aline Components, a Custom Plastic Injection Molding Company

Aline Components, a custom plastic injection molding company, offers hot stamping services as one of our value-added processes. Through heat and pressure, hot stamping transfers a dry film to a substrate, such as a thermoplastic material. Its ability to apply a shiny metallic foil print makes hot stamping different from any other method of printing. A brilliance that cannot be duplicated with ink, hot foil stamping is employed in a diverse range of custom plastic consumer and industrial parts or components. Let Aline create hot stamped products that provide economical yet attractive solutions for your application.

With Aline's advanced hot stamping equipment and machinery, we can accommodate a wide variety of dies for manufacturing simple and complex custom plastic parts or components. Flat, round, convex, concave, spherical, oval, square, triangular, and even multi-faceted parts can be made precisely and efficiently to your exact specifications.

Our value-added hot stamping process offers the advantages of fast and inexpensive set-ups, excellent quality and durability, plus the capability for consecutive serial numbers and bar codes. At Aline Components, we offer a wide selection of foil film sizes (widths and thickness), finishes, and colors such as colored metallic, multidimensional patterns, gold, silver, solid single color finishes, and more. We have many standard dies available and can order special custom dies for a nominal additional charge. Our expert design and engineering specialists are available to help you develop the solution you want and need.

Advantages of Hot Stamping at Aline Components:
  • Hot stamping does not involve solvents or require drying.
  • Lot or batch number and dates can be inserted into the hot stamp die.
  • With proper layout, we can hot stamp two colors from a single die.
  • Hot stamping can be done on a variety of plastic substrates.
  • Hot stamping produces a consistent and easy-to-read imprint with every order.
Hot Stamping Services
Aline's Hot Stamping Process

A thermal bonding technique, hot stamping results in the permanent adhesion of stamped foil to the targeted plastic surface. Hot stamping is a manufacturing and finishing process in which an engraved plate (hot stamp die) compresses a foil film onto a custom plastic part or component for a specified duration which makes an imprint of the pattern from the engraved plate.


During the hot stamping process, it is important that the part be firmly supported and designed to withstand stamping force. Additionally, the stamping die must be designed in such a way that no air is entrapped between the die and the part. In the plastic manufacturing process, we take your order's criteria into account early in the design phase to accommodate force in hot stamping.
Additionally, we work directly with leading die manufacturers to obtain dies that are ideally suited for your plastic part or component. For the best adhesion results, we make sure that our parts are clean and free of oil, grease and mold release.