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Plastic Part Design and Part Engineering from Aline Components

Aline Components’s design team has over 25 years of experience working with customers to create many types of plastic parts. Aline Components builds to customer specifications.
Aline Components – The A-team for Plastic Part Design
  • Experience and excellence in CAD modeling and rapid prototyping.
  • Construction of a high quality plastic part to your exact specification.
  • We design with precision so you receive precisely what you want.

Through the use of computer-aided design (CAD) technology, we work with customers to create an exceptional plastic injection mold design. While maintaining high quality in the part itself, Aline also works to ensure that construction can be performed efficiently, which lowers cost to the customer. Aline includes this service at no extra cost to the customer.

No one should have to pay extra to get what they want.

Design Plastic Part Engineering


The Latest CAD Technology for Custom Plastic Part Design
Aline Components maintains the latest CAD software. CAD modeling is an excellent visual aid for communicating ideas and is often necessary for understanding how a plastic part is integrated into a machine. Once a prototype has been constructed from a CAD model, the prototype can be used for testing to ensure high quality.

Bottom line: CAD increases efficiency and decreases cost.

To benefit from Aline’s skill and technology, submit a basic sketch, drawing, sample, or prototype. Aline components will produce a detailed CAD model which, upon approval, can be used for rapid prototyping.

How does CAD Modeling Aid Plastic Manufacturing?

Aline takes preliminary concepts from customers and uses CAD to create a three-dimensional model within a file. A file is then converted into a specific working format.

The format represents a 3-dimensional surface as an assembly of plastic parts. The file contains the coordinates of the vertices and the direction of each piece. Every file that comes through Aline Components is prepared with maximum care and efficiency; however, larger and more complicated files require more time in both pre-process and building.

Aline works quickly, never sloppily, to ensure your plastic part is designed and manufactured correctly. The correct balance of accuracy and manageability produces a useful working file.

Each file is then broken into thin cross sections. Aline uses these cross sections to adjust the size, location, and orientation of the model. The ability to adjust the cross sections is crucial to saving time during this process. CAD modeling allows for the adjustment of size, location, and orientation. The result is better rapid prototyping, which results in a faster turnaround and a lower cost for the customer.